London Chapter 1 Verse 2: I spy- Day 1

13 03 2008

During our first day in rainy London town, I hand my Camera shooting at lots of random stuff. Since it was all new to my eyes, I thought I should capture as much as possible no matter how insignificant it really was. When I got back and began looking through many basically boring shots I started to notice a similar thread woven among the thorns. I will let you figure this one out for your self but I did a little editing to my favorite ones to help make it a bit easier for you…..








London Chapter 1 Verse 1: Harrods- Day 1

10 03 2008

I am sure you have been wondering if I was ever going to post anything from my trip to London. Well you may now stop holding your breathe because here it is! The first of many installations on the short but sweet trip that Crystal and I made at the end of February.

Chapter 1 Verse 1: Harrods
So once we found where we were staying and met our contact in London we had the rest of the afternoon to venture out into the chaos that is Central London. We hopped on the tube and set out to find a cupcake shop across town that Crystal was dying to try. I convinced her that we should stop at Harrods since it was on the way. I had heard about Harrods and knew that it would be worth the stop. So when we stepped out of the darkness of the underground and into the sunny borough, Harrods loomed over us like the over-indulgent shopping palace that it is, proud and regal. So our whole reason for going in to Harrods was to visit with a few locals to see if they knew where to find this cupcake place. After several odd looks and pleasant replies of “no sorry never heard of the place” we finally were convinced by the Customer Service Rep at Harrods that we should check out their bakery where we were sure to find great faerie cakes in the Great Food Hall. So we make our way into the great culinary market experience I have ever had. You name it they have it. We even got to listen to a guy sing Italian opera while tossing pizza into a perfect crust! It was a true sensory experience.

Needless to say…we never found the cupcake shop but we both loved our visit to Harrods and Crystal did find some cupcakes in their bakery and I spent more money on some fresh cherries than I would on an entire meal here in the U.S.!

Here are a few shots from around Harrods (sorry there are no shots from inside the store…I was to busy drooling at all of the amazing things they had on display).

Sign Above main entrance

The view of the street and buildings around Harrods:


We saw this man walking the 4 huge dogs! 3 great Danes and 1 bull mastiff I think. Let’s just say he had his hands full! I loved it! I wondered if he had to hire someone else just to be the pooper-scooper for this pack?!


Here are a few more shots of the housing around Harrods…It was so cute and what I always imagined London would be like.


Here is Harrods from down the street as we headed off for more adventures….harrodsvertical.jpg