When it Rains It Pours

19 02 2008

This past weekend brought thunderstorms. One and then another and then another. The rain would stop but then it would start back up raining harder than the time before. It seems like the rain storms where reflecting the situations in my life.

God is always amazing me with the oppurtunities that he throws my way. Moments to shine and moments to stand in shock and disbelief. I have had them both over the last few days and through them all I just kept feeling like someone was think and acting for me. Until you have been pushed to your limits of understanding, it is hard to understand how the Holy Spirit can intercede in our lives.

These moments seem confusing and overwhelming at times but once the storms have past we can look back and see how little control we truly have in this life. Things will happen, jaws will drop, tears will fall, and another day will bring another mystery. Which reminds me that it is not about me at all. It was not and will never be about me, no matter how much I try to tell myself that I am in the drivers seat.

I could tell you the heroic story of this weekend and the crazy situations that crossed my pathes but they would distract from the purpose of these words. One thing I know now is that life is not about the situations themselves but rather the lesson learned, the character built and the knowledge gained from weathering the storm.