1 02 2010

Navigating information on the web can be complicated. If only there was another version of the web where Frauds and Scammers weren’t aloud.


1 02 2010

Praying I will feel much better in the morning, especially after my evening dose of DanActive. But for now it is back to bed!

31 01 2010

Big things in store and I can’t wait to see what is going develop in the coming months!

28 01 2010

After a quick trip to Dallas I am back to business in Brenham. holdin down the fort for Ma and Pa.

25 01 2010

Made it back to Brenham after a short but sweet birthday weekend. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I feel so special!

22 01 2010

A very successful day of training. I have one cool horse in the making. He is for Sale if anyone is interested!!!

21 01 2010

This early to bed, early to rise system really just makes me tired all day. Productive but tired.